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Kit Options

Basic Artist Kit- $199 (Retail Value $487)
19 IIID Foundations, 2 brushes, 1 Perfector Sponge, 3 Compacts

Pro Artist Kit-$399 (Retail Value $920)
23 IIID Foundations, 12 Eyeshadows, 6 Brushes, 4 Compacts, 1 Perfector Sponge, 1 Milk Moisturizer

When you purchase an Artist kit, you are essentially purchasing a “business in a box”. With each kit, you will receive a variety of all colors, which will allow for you to jumpstart you business the day you receive it.

The goal of every Seint Artist is to celebrate every type of natural beauty, share simple and useful tips that can be used by every woman no matter her age, complexion, or level of experience.

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