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Why Now?

Now is the best time to join! All plus, no minus. We have company fulfilled orders, infinite downline bonus, company held customer service, controlled recruiting, projected inventory management, fast and effective Artist support, no out of pocket costs for orders, and marketing that is present and appealing!

Company Fulfilled Orders

Unlike some direct sales companies, Seint handles all the shipping and returns themselves. The customer orders are shipped out promptly in beautiful, and well thought out packaging. All your customer needs to do is go to your website and place their order. It is that simple!

Affordable Business Startup

You will have options when deciding to become an Artist with Seint. Whatever your budget, you will be able to receive amazing products, materials, and resources to get you started.

Exclusive Customers

Seint brings back the good ol days when loyalty was a common practice. With the days of social media and endless avenues of product sources, Seint allows you to have exclusive customers for life. Once someone registers with you as their Artist, every additional order they make will automatically be linked to your distributor id.

Get Paid to Rank

In most direct sales companies, ranks are just another title but at Seint, ranks mean pay raises! Your commissions percentage goes with each ranking so the higher you rank, the more you earn!

Personal Replicated Website

When you register as an Artist, you have the choice to pick your own personalized URL, all you do from that point is share your URL and you will automatically get commission off any orders processed through your link. Other companies charge between $30-150 per month to have a personalized website!

No Out of Pocket Expenses

Because you don’t have to hold inventory or buy any product up front, you will not go into debt or be stressed trying to decide what to hold for your stock. Your only monthly requirement to remain an Artist is $11.95 USD or $14.95 CAD a month which covers your personal URL and the back office management.

Artist Commission
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